Track finally laid into the station!

A very warm and productive day, today we made excellent progress with our aim to finish the track laying at our HQ site.

With the much appreciated help of a JCB, some 5/6 tonnes of ballast was bagged up and then distributed to where it is required along our track. After this, track components, including the rail, were prepared and then assembled, bringing track into the platform area for the very first time.

Above: The track as it was assembled in stages.

Above: A view off the Platform onto the track. It's all coming together now.

Unfortunately as is the case most of the time, time and also the heat beat us to making more progress, the work on this panel of track and the stop block will be completed very soon. However hopefully over the next two weeks or so, the track will be once again fit for purpose and a train will also be able to reach the platform for the very first time!

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