Dolgarrog Railway Flooded by Storm Eva

By now, we all know the recent brace of storms have had a devastating effect on north Wales and large parts of northern England, but the storm over Christmas took it's toll, and the sheer rainfall and high tides resulted in the slooding of the Dolgarrog Railway site.

As you can see from these photos taken on the 26th December, the flood levels are up to the solebar of the Dogfish wagon, and as high as the platform. Also viewable in the photos are the floating debris, and storage containers of the surf park actually floating and being blown around by the strong winds.

On the 29th December, the water had receeded enough for a small work team to go on site to assess the damage, which thankfully wasn't as bad as first anticipated, and begin the clean-up operation.

Overall view of the site looking south.

Above 8: As you can see, plenty of water remained on site. The last photo above gives you an impression of how dirty the water was, making it very unsafe to proceed any further into the flood, as we don't know what may lie submurged.

Above 3: As you can see, the flood has proceeded to destron the sleeper wall built by the society a few years ago, and thrown the sleepers around.

Above: This is the water level inside one of our storage containers. The level of water was higher out side but another foot or so.

Above: A video taken showing the flood whilst the work team began the clean-up operation.

As is plain to see, we will be needing as much help as we can to clear up the mess left by the flooding. If you would like to help, and of course help with our plans for 2016, please visit the 'How to Join' page for contact details, or of you're not a member, information on how to join.

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