Progress over the last four months...

There has been much progress over the last four months, mostly concerning the construction of our platform.

The progress on the platform has advanced since the last update, as we have now completed the installation of the front concrete sleepers. This allowed us to begin the construction of the rear wall of the platform. Again constructed from concrete sleepers, it was decided to build it to a different design, usilising some of the fence posts (which are old narrow gauge rails) as supports. Once the sleepers were stacked, we decided to add some of our own scrap 85lb bullhead rail (we deemed these rails to be worn beyond further railway use) as extra supports. These were driven into the ground in the same manner as fence posts. The wall was then backfilled, wich then left us very a strong and sturdy rear retaining wall.

Back on the front wall, we have fitted brackets to the concrete sleepers which support timber sleepers running the length of the platform. In turn, these will support the edging stones on the platform. Half the brackets were bolted onto the concrete sleepers, using holes already in the sleepers that would originally be intended to support third/fourth rail chairs or other track fittings. The other half of the brackets are welded onto the steel uprights, adding further much needed strength.

The bracket bolted to the sleepers.

An example of the welded bracket.

The timbers now in place ready for the next stage.

Another bit of progress is the replacement of the old mess room and it's replacement with a newer cabin. The old one was cut up by the society, with all re-usable material retained and the rest scrapped.

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