Platform Progress...

Some good progress has been done on the platform in the past couple of weeks.

First to report is the delivery of the sleepers.

This has allowed the work team to begin preparing the sleepers for dropping into the uprights. The following two photos shows two concrete sleepers ready to be cut, and then two concrete sleepers having been cut. It was only a small slither of the sleeper that needs to be removed, so the sleeper will drop into the steels with no problems.

The next two photos show a concrete sleeper having been dropped in by hand by a team of 3 of the work gang. It was done by hand, using timber sleepers and bars. Here the sleeper has been dropped onto a couple of bricks whilst we worked out if it could be dropped straight onto the concrete.

The following two photos show two concrete sleepers having been dropped 'home'. This is how the bottom of the platform will look.

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